Welcome to Garageville!

Join the Gathering of the Tribes and enjoy a fuzz-filled weekend with people traveling here from all corners of Europe. There’ll be eight bands, six DJs and a couple of hundred crazed garage-punks just waiting for YOU! Get your tickets now: Buy tickets


Friday, 21.4.    20:00    Molotow

21:00 Bobkat '65 (ES)

The primitivism of authentic garage-punk has a brutal delicacy not easy to replicate. When Bobkat ’65 put out their 1st 45 in 2016 it was obvious: this trio has a better grasp of what mid-sixties teenbeat is all about than most. Hailing from the Asturias region in the north of Spain, the two girls on guitar, bass and vocals and their drummer sound like a fuzzed-out version of the Es Shades fed by a diet of sub-”Back From the Grave”-obscurities. Garageville simply had to book them for their 1st out-of-country gig. Let’s hope they have their 1st LP ready for the weekend.
→ Bobkat '65

22:00 The Pacifics (IE)

It’s high time The Pacifics play Hamburg. The Dublin-based quartet of strapping tie-wearing Irish lads are so fond of Starclub-city that they named themselves after that local hotel where The Beatles stayed and Little Richard tried to get into little Ringo’s underpants. While touring Europe The Pacifics have been molding away at their own brand of mid-sixties music and came up with something that merges the precision of Mersey Beat with something altogether more raucous and wild.
→ The Pacifics

23:00 The Jackets (CH)

Right, The Jackets hail from Switzerland but cheesy they ain’t, rather they are a feast for your eyes and your ears. Singer Jack Torera has a live presence that could fill a Broadway stage both physically and vocally but she also plays a mean r’n’r-guitar. While just a trio, the band’s sound is full and tight as an inflated lifejacket to stay semantically close to their moniker. Stylistically The Jackets draw from influences ranging from US-fuzz-garage to late 70s punk and pre-grunge bands such as the MC5 or the Stooges making their three albums to date a pleasingly diverse listen. Still our verdict remains: This is a band to experience live! There’re worse occasions than this year’s Garageville.
→ The Jackets

24:00 The Sick Rose (IT)

When Garageville started we agreed on a strict “no repeats-policy“. There are enough cool bands out there to find eight that have yet to play the weekender. But there’s always an exception to the rule. In 2012 Italy’s The Sick Rose played the first edition of the weekender as an amazing power-pop band. Now they will be back as the garage-punk-sensation they started out as. 30 years after the release of the band’s debut LP “Faces” – as much a benchmark of the mid-80s garage-revival as “Inside Out” by the Miracle Workers - singer Luca Re and guitarist Diego Mese are back with Sick Rose as a fuzz-filled snarling teen-punk combo playing nothing but their early hits!
→ The Sick Rose

            + from 23:00 at Molotow Karatekeller: R&B, Soul, Gospel, Popcorn
            with DJs "The One And Only Baster" and Viva Las Jonas!
            + After Show DJs all night long at Molotow Club

Saturday, 22.4.    20:00    Hafenklang

21:00 The Penny Dreadfuls (GB)

When our restless Garageville-scout spotted this quintet from Belfast in a Scottish pub recently, he was so taken by their explosive live show, that we simply had to book them. With an organ-drenched dirty garage sound, the Dreadfuls were demanded as support by modern day garage-psych poster boys The Oh Sees when playing Belfast and why should we not follow their advise? Garageville will be the Penny’s debut on continental Europe and they’ll likely bring their debut record with them.
→ The Penny Dreadfuls

22:00 Os Noctàmbulos (FRA/GB)

Schooled in the 2nd half of the sixties on classic US garage-psych such as “Web of Sound”-era Seeds the Anglo-French quartet Os Noctàmbulos brings some technicolored dreams to the Garageville rooster. But don’t fear, they have no time for stoned guitar noodlings. Rather they stick to the mindexpanding potential of short songs well sprung on warm Farfisa organ sounds and chiming 12-string guitars. The results can be imagined like a garagey-version of the Byrds with Roger McGuinn suffering a severe case of claustrophobic depression. Lovely, in fact.
→ Os Noctàmbulos

23:00 The Missing Souls (FR)

When that French dervish Little Big Ian last guested at Garageville in 2014 he put on a hell of a show with Cavemen V. Now he’s back with the Missing Souls and it’s an altogether new band. Zaza Sharps took over a lot of the vocals leaving Ian to concentrate more on playing the guitar. With Ricky and Lester adding a solid backbone on bass on drums that enables the Missing Souls to whip through the holy songbook of soulful Garagepunk. They do it with so much gusto, that the band’s graced the line-up of many of the European garage-festivals. We’re glad to add them to this year’s line up.
→ The Missing Souls

24:00 The Masonics (GB)

This band has a long history with the Medway sound. In fact it personifies that special brand of British rockin’ Beat more than anybody else. After all The Milkshakes, the corner stone of the Medway delta, were initially called Mickey & the Milkshakes after Masonics main-guy Mickey Hampshire. While that other bloke on guitar in the Milkshakes rarely goes up on stage these days, Mickey and his masonic cohorts Bruce Brand on drums and John Gibbs on bass very much do so. Their recently released new album shows them still going strong as one of the prime purveyors of stripped down garage beat. For about half of their set, ex-Headcoatee Miss Ludella Black will join them on vocals.
→ The Masonics

            + After Show DJs all night long at Goldener Salon

Sunday, 23.4.   Ms Hedi

15:00 Garageville Boat Trip

MS Hedi is a floating mini-club, a converted barge, cruising through Hamburg’s harbour while the Garageville DJs are spinning hot sounds and good drinks are served.
Attention, you'll need an extra ticket for that! www.frauhedi.de

Top five spins:

1. Surprise (1965)
2. Surprise (1966)
3. Surprise (1967)
4. Surprise (1984)
5. Surprise (2016)

Top five spins:

1. The No-Na-Mees – "Gotta Hold On"
2. The Dirty Wurds – "Why"
3. Painted Faces – "I Lost You In My Mind"
4. The Wylde Mammoths – "Nothing I Can Do"
5. The Mystery Lights – "Too Many Girls"

Top five spins:

1. The Journey Men – "I'm Sorry"
2. The Little Bits – "Girl Give Me Love"
3. The Sunsets – "I Want Love"
4. The Indiscrimination – "Wishful Thinking"
5. Jackson Investment Co. – "What Can I Say"

Top five spins:

1. John Harrison & The Hustlers: "Don't Ask Why"
2. The "D" Men: "So Little Time"
3. Tony and Terri: "I Want You"
4. The Lime: "Hey Girl"
5. The Music Machine: "Mother Nature, Father Earth"

Top five spins:

1. Le Bain Didonc: "Quatre Cheveux Dans Le Vent"
2. The Bounty Hunters: "Sun Went Away"
3. The Teardrops: "Sweet Sweet Sadie"
4. First Crow To The Moon: "Spend Your Life"
5. The Lions: "Don't Seduce Me"

Top five spins:

1. The Nobles: "Something Else"
2. The Myrchents: "Indefinite Inhibition"
3. The Zeljians: "You Don't Love Me Anymore"
4. The Underprivileged: "You Hurt Me"
5. Jerry & The Playmates: "Want A Love You"


Where am I to sleep? Should I sleep at all? I wanna buy records!
Well, here are some places you might want to check out during your stay in Hamburg:


Rock 'n' Roll Hotel Kogge

A hotel for bands and musicians in the heart of St.Pauli, between the Reeperbahn and the harbour, with a bar and breakfast offers. The 12 rooms are small yet cosy and practically equipped.

→ Kogge Hamburg

Ibis Budget Hotel St. Pauli

A hotel situated in St. Pauli, near the famous Reeperbahn. The house has 188 rooms starting from 49,00 €. Free WIFI access is provided.

→ Ibis St. Pauli


A small Hotel in the heart of the Sternschanze district, with 17 stylish rooms in a house built during the „Gründerzeit“ at the end of the 19th century.

→ Fritzhotel

Hotel Pacific

A family run hotel located between the Sternschanze and St. Pauli. The Beatles have stayed here, long ago! Single rooms start at 38,00 €, a rich breakfast buffet is included.

→ Hotel Pacific

Hotel Heimat St. Pauli

A simple yet charming hotel right in the middle of St. Pauli. The staff know all places to go to in case your free WIFI didn't tell you. Double bed rooms start at 95,00 €.

→ Heimat St. Pauli

A&O Hotel Reeperbahn

A 1 Star hotel, A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn with its 308 rooms and 600 beds stands out due to its inexpensive prices and its unbeatable location directly on the famous Reeperbahn. Prices start at 24,00 € pp.

→ A&O Hotel Reeperbahn

Record Stores

Use the Saturday afternoon to dig some crates in Hamburg's excellent record stores and invest your dough in some fine old or new vinyl! Here's a few tips, if you need even more stores to be happy, click here!

Crypt Records

The Crypt Record Store in Hamburg Altona opens doors exclusively for Garageville on April 22nd from 14-18 h. Every caveman and -girl should go and fulfill all their garage punk needs.

→ Crypt Records

Freiheit und Roosen

Instead of sightseeing, you might as well spend your whole day in this store. Records all over the place, old and new, plus some vintage furniture and Hifi equipment.

→ Freiheit und Roosen

Pure Soul

Focussed on vintage Soul records, this mighty fine little store also offers a great amount of original 60s Garage 45s at very reasonable prices.

→ Pure Soul Records

Zardoz Schallplatten

Zardoz has been one of the best record stores in Hamburg for over 30 years now. They offer new releases, a second-hand department plus a large variety of posters, books, t-shirts and DVDs.

→ Zardoz Schallplatten